The Stutterheim Rainwalker is a unisex shoe, based on the timeless silhouette of a Chelsea boot. By adding a contrasting sole, here in black, the Stutterheim design team have updated this classic style, achieving a contemporary, eye-catching aesthetic. Hand-made from natural rubber, the boot is soft and flexible, conforming to the wearer’s feet over time. "Inspired by the classic Chelsea boot, they’re an elegant (but just as waterproof) twist on your standard galoshes." – The New York Times



Based on Arholma island in the Stockholm archipelago, Stutterheim founder Alexander Stutterheim was inspired by finding his grandfather’s classic fisherman’s jacket shortly after he passed away. Durable, timeless and practical, his grandfather’s fisherman’s coat to this day provides the basis from which all of Stutterheim’s classic and contemporary range of clothing and accessories are created. Shop the Stutterheim collection.


Chelsea Rainwalker Light Sand and Black

1 350,00 krPris

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