Designfirman Gamla Stan
"sko" shoe rack

"sko" shoe rack

Sko skoställ från Normann Copenhagen, formgiven av Simon Legald. En skohylla där funktion och enkelheten är designen. Stället är tillverkad med robusta, skandinaviska material och består av en ram med två stålhyllor. Designen är enkel så att fokus dras till detaljerna - tydliga skruvar och bultar samt att det är små hål i hyllorna som avger skuggor på golvet.

L:76 cm
H:42 cm
D:34 cm

Simon Legald has created a shoe rack for Normann Copenhagen that has both an industrial and simple feel. Sko is made with robust, Scandinavian materials and consists of a frame with two perforated steel shelves. Sko is perfect for places where extra storage space is needed for shoes and boots, such as the hallway and bedroom etc.

Sko has been designed without any unnecessary components. Simon Legald has stripped the design right down to its essence in order to draw focus to the details. The shoe rack consists of accentuated screws and bolts as well as perforated shelves, which go cast creative shadows on the floor. Sko is a younger brother of the Toj clothes rack, one of Simon Legald's earlier designs for Normann Copenhagen. Both of them make use of the same basic principles and minimal features.

Simon Legald says: ”I really like designing things that are not typically seen as design products. For me, a shoe rack is something that is overlooked in the world of design and therefore, it has been a fun process.”

2100 SEK