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Septembre coffe table

Septembre coffe table

Septembre soffbord från Menu, formgiven av Theresa Arns. Ett ovalt soffbord i svart, med bordsskiva i svart askfanér och konstruktion i massiv ask. Underbart soffbord med eleganta former, ställ en vas med gröna fräscha blad i eller en snygg inredningsdetalj och ge bordet fokus.

Formgivare:Theresa Arns
Längd:130 cm
Bredd:67 cm
Höjd:35 cm

Black Coffee Table made of Ash Wood

The Septembre coffee table by Menu complements the sofa and the chair from the Septembre collection by Theresa Arns. Just like the seating furniture, the table is made of ash wood and fits in wonderfully with the seating area. Books, flowers, candles, as well as drinks and snacks will now have a place next to the cozy sofa. The dark wood gives the oval table top with four round table legs a very noble character. 

Pure Comfort

Theresa Arns is a German fashion designer. After studying in Copenhagen, she stayed there instead of going back to Germany. She started practical furniture design that exudes a certain coziness. The oval coffee table as well as the sofa and chair bring soft, gentle shapes to the living room and invite you to relax, alone or with family and friends.

8599 SEK