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My Spot photo roap brass

My Spot photo roap brass

My Spot, vägghängd förvaring/fotorep, från Menu. My Spot leker med gravitation, komposition, kontraster och den minimalistiska formen hos en cirkel. Den enkla designen består av endast fem element: tre ankare, en vikt och ett s snöre. Här kan du hänga kalendrar, scheman, meddelanden, skisser, foton och vykort.
Leveranstid ca 2-10 dagar

This small object is a throwback to the roots of modern architecture and design, and to the ideas of the legendary Bauhaus design. The principle plays with gravity, the minimalistic shape of circles, composition, and color accents. MySpot is formed of three anchors, a weight, and string, on which a calendar, schedule, message, sketch, postal order, hotel reservation, or a postcard from travel can be hung. You can have all that you need within sight – in a well arranged and impressive composition.
1099 SEK499 SEK