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La: bruket Facial creme light

La: bruket Facial creme light

Ansiktscreme morot / bergamott en återfuktande och vårdande ansiktscreme som kan användas som både dag- och nattcreme.
Innehåller morotsextrakt som stimulerar hudens kollagenproduktion och sheasmör som återfuktar och mjukgör din hud. Passar perfekt till normal - torr hud.

Wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing with extract from carrot.
Gives a deep effect for dry to normal skin. Use it as a day and/or night cream.
Extract of carrot stimulates your skins production of collagen. Shea butter protects, heals and adds antioxidants. Bergamot has an antiseptic, healing and calming effect.
Jojoba oil heals and protects.

The landscape of natural, organic, vegan and non-toxic skincare can be confusing to navigate. We at L:a Bruket believe that the best approach to this is to be transparent about the ingredients and components in our products.

Our close relationship to the coast means that we work with nature rather than industrialize it to find ingredients that yield the greatest results. This uncompromising approach means that we keep the industrial processes as minimal as possible, relying on the natural benefit to shine through. Nature gives us enough resources to provide the body’s greatest organ with the nourishment it needs to age well.

Of course nature is always changing, so we are constantly looking for new combinations and discoveries to harness into our skincare solutions. When these new uses are uncovered, through others research or experiments we conduct ourselves, we will share them with you to keep our promise of transparency.

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