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Amp chandelier

Amp chandelier

Normann Copenhagen och Simon Legald ger nu lamporna Amp tillökning med den imponerande ljuskronan Amp Chandelier Large. Både form och material stämmer väl överens med resterande serien, och även här kan du välja mellan svart eller vit  marmor. 

H: 62,5 cm 
Ø: 85 cm

A show-stopping design has been added to the Amp lighting collection by Danish designer Simon Legald. Just as the existing designs in the collection, the Amp chandelier is made from a refined combination of solid marble and light glass. The chandelier is built up around a central steel cylinder, from which small arms grow out to form a voluminous oval shape. Each arm is crowned by a miniature version of the Amp table lamp, which by virtue of repetition breathes life into a sculptural and dramatic lamp. 

The simple oval shape and glow of the Amp lamps are an obvious reference to old tube amplifiers from the 1960s. The warm and inviting light, which is also characteristic of classic chandeliers, combines in Amp with a modern and daring idiom, giving the chandelier both a nostalgic and contemporary feel.

15000 SEK