Designfirman Gamla Stan

ABC 50x70cm

ABC Alphabet Poster, from Ateljé Epifor
These would perfect to hang in the nursery, frame in a kids room, to use in teaching your kids the alphabet in a playful and loving way.

You are...

A Amazing
B Beautiful
C Complete
D Divine
E Everything
F Fantastic
G Gorgeous
H Heavenly
I Irreplacable
J Joy
K Kindhearted
L Lovely
M Magnificent
N No. 1
O Outstanding
P Perfect
Q Quite something
R Remarkable
S Stunning
T Treasured
U Unique
V Valuable
W Wonderful
X X-traordinary
Y You
Z Zesty

Poster 170g papper/ m2, offset printed.
Size: 50x70 cm

499 SEK